Dear TBN Members

More News about Flood Relief for Todmorden Businesses

Sorry it’s so long but lots of stuff to tell you!

Murray and I had a chat between several core group members who happened to be around on New Year’s Eve, and came up with some things we’d like to share with you

While supporting the work of UCVR and Calderdale Council to approach government and possibly European funding sources, we recognise that there is an urgent local need and people want to get on with doing something, and tapping into their personal contacts and local resources. So the following have been actioned:

New ways to stay in touch at this challenging times

This group now has a Facebook page
and a Twitter account – @TBNTodBusNetwk

And as I write our very own website is being created –

(All these are being created quickly to respond. In less need-driven times we can have a group to look at properly branding our network)

Reaching out to local business

Nothing beats a bit of face-to-face contact and people knowing that someone cares about their situations at a time like this.

There’s some very helpful posters around which say things like ‘Business Open as Usual’ or ‘Business Expected to Reopen On’. We are getting some of these printed up with details of this Network on the back. We also want to continue giving out copies of the questionnaire about how businesses are affected, to build up a source of local evidence on what’s needed.

We need some of you to visit businesses in Todmorden and take this material – and help people fill in the questionnaires. Probably from Monday onwards next week. Please let me know if you are happy to do this with your full details.


Some people have expressed a desire to offer cash support specifically to Todmorden businesses. While broader funds are being established by Calderdale and UCVR, if you receive a request to specifically donate to Todmorden businesses we have collaborated with an existing micro-business support group called On The Rocks they have an established method of gathering and distributing funds which we can use.

For people wanting to help Todmorden businesses specifically, please direct them to:

In your comments mention ‘Todmorden Flood Recovery; and they’ll make sure that donations and needy Tod businesses are matched up.

The way that we can approach larger donating companies is currently being worked through, so unless you have a personal contact it may be best to hold fire on that for the moment – But let us know your ideas on larger companies and we’ll hook you up with other people thinking about that


Can any journalists or photographers offer their services to do some interviews – for a database of case studies to be used to publicise local business need? Please contact Rebecca Dearden who has kindly offered to coordinate this activity –

Offers of services

The UCVR has set up a Facebook page which is place to share practical information to help businesses and sole traders in the Upper Calder Valley recover from the recent floods.

But we are also aware that there may be very specific offers of help that can best be handled at a very local level. If you are unsure about where to point someone, point them at us and we’ll do our best to ensure that their kind offers reach those who need them the most.

Change of focus to event: 14 Jan at Kava – 12- 1.30pm

As you may know the basement of Kava was flooded and won’t be restored for a while. Given current priorities we’re going to postpone the Strictly Come Tweeting (social media) event until later in the year and instead have a ‘Welcome to the Network’ event on the upper floor of Kava. This will be to get together, introduce new members to our network and see how everyone is doing. Please try and pass the word round. It’s so important that we work collectively at this difficult time. More details to follow. Please mention this event to anyone you invite to join us.

TBN Latest on flood recovery (2nd January)