This message below is from Sarah Barker at Thirteen Research and Investigation, who is very kindly co-ordinating a project to support our businesses affected by floods. It would be fantastic if you could respond to her requests. (Please note the questionnaire mentioned below is different to the one we circulated last week which was for Calderdale generally. This one is geared very locally.)


Hi All,

As part of TBN’s aim to support local businesses, we are now busy collecting data to understand the level of impact from the Boxing Day floods on Todmorden businesses. This includes large businesses premises and home-based businesses also – of all shapes and sizes.

New, more detailed survey

We would be really grateful if you could complete this survey (it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes) to give us a better picture of the impact. The more people who complete the survey, the better we will understand what needs to be done in the short, and longer term, to help Todmorden businesses. Better still, if you could forward this email, Tweet the URL or post the link on Facebook – we would be very grateful.

The survey URL is – Click on ‘Business Flood Survey’


We are also looking for people to help with visiting businesses to complete the questionnaire (as not everyone has regular access to the internet) and being a concerned and friendly face to business owners who may feel very isolated – even a couple of hours would be great. Please contact me (mobile 07555 889 570 or to see which areas of Todmorden still need visiting.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Your help is needed – Flooding related